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UK Obstacle Sports Federation (UKOSF) is the National Governing Body for obstacle sports, disciplines and events in the United Kingdom. ​We are a member based, not-for-profit national federation that exists to represent the needs of the sport through athlete member representation and engagement. 

The UK Obstacle Sports Federation (UKOSF) is an independent, national, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation registered in UK. As a member of the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO or World OCR) UKOSF complies with all FISO eligibility criteria and will remain a Member in good standing as outlined in the FISO Constitution and Bye-Laws. UKOSF is seeking recognition of the UK sport and works with all stakeholders to promote the sport, a healthy lifestyle, peace and harmony.


The mission of UKOSF is to unite individual OCR athletes, event providers and OCR clubs, to represent them and serve their needs throughout their lives and to promote sportsmanship.


The purposes for which UKOSF is established are as follows:

  • to bring the OCR Athletes of the UK together and encourage them to use their status and experience to promote and develop the ideals of sportsmanship throughout United Kingdom
  • to represent and promote the interests of OCR athletes.
  • to build an active regular membership dedicated to the mission and purpose of UKOSF.
  • to operate for charitable and educational purposes in harmony with the fundamental principles set forth in the FISO statutes.

Our goals also include providing a route for athletes to compete at international and Games competitions. This includes event safety, fairness, rankings, operations, medical standards, rule enforcement and comprehensive insurance at affordable rates.

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