• President: Oner Avara
  • Vice-President: Andrew Moshanov
  • Director: Mike Loosemore

UKOSF Executive Team

  • Chief Executive: Venessa Moffat
    • PMO: Mark Poulter
  • Communications & Data Protection: Murray Stewart
  • Commissions & Committees (See below)

Medical Commission (Inc Anti-doping)

  • Chair: Mike Loosemore

Development and Technical Commission

  • Chair: Shaun Wilde
  • Deputy: Dave Peters

The Development and Technical Commission shall have the following duties:

  1. The Development Committee is responsible for creating the policies, guidelines and systems for training coaches.
  2. The Officials sub-committee is responsible for creating the policies, guidelines and systems for training officials.
  3. Working with the Medical Commission to ensure the health and wellness of junior and senior athletes.
  4. Working with the Competition and Safety Commission to ensure an understanding of competition rules and safe working practice throughout the coaching and officiating frameworks.
  5. Working with the Junior Commission to ensure safeguarding and an understanding of long-term athlete development.

Youth Commission

  • Chair: Emma Waring
  • Deputy: Mark Huggan

The Youth Commission shall have the following duties:

  1. To study all issues relating to youth obstacle course racing and young people’s categories;
  2. To submit to the Board and other divisions of UKOSF proposals regarding the competitions of the youth categories as well as any measures deemed necessary to promote youth obstacle course racing in the UK.
  3. Coordinate with the UKOSF on youth related policies and procedures.
  4. To propose to the Board of UKOSF any measures deemed necessary to promote the development of youth obstacle course racing in the UK;

Finance Committee

  • Chair (Treasurer): Applications / nominations welcome
  • Deputy: Applications / nominations welcome

The Treasurer will Chair the Finance Commission to support financial operations of UKOSF. The Finance Commission has the following duties:

  1. Prepare the audited accounts to be submitted to the Board and the General Assembly;
  2. Advise on the appointment of the external auditors.

Competitions and Safety Commission

  • Chair: James Burton
  • Deputy: Ross Herringshaw

The Competitions and Safety Commission has the following duties:

  1. The Competitions Commission is responsible for policies and guidelines that events are of the correct standard.
  2. The Safety sub-committee is responsible for ensuring that events and obstacles meet the required health and safety standards.
  3. The Welfare sub-committee is responsible for the well-being of all parties and works with Safety sub-committee.
  4. To supervise the application of the competition rules and operations.
  5. To propose technical delegates for competitions.
  6. To advise on matters relating to conception, operations, policies and guidelines.
  7. Align UK league with EU / World leagues and championships, facilitate UK Championships, and bids for international competitions.

Partnerships Commission

  • Chair: Applications / nominations welcome
  • Deputy: Daniel Heath

The Partnerships Commission has the following duties:

  1. The Partnerships Committee is responsible for…
  2. To align UKOSF with commercial and named external organisations to meet the needs of UKOSF mission and objectives.
  3. To negotiate and manage member benefits with external organisations.
  4. To manage ongoing commercial partnerships.

To apply for open positions, you may apply directly to attaching your CV and a covering email. 

You can also use the nomination form and email us at the address above.  We are not using the traditional nomination process, which required a current board member or Exec team member to nominate you, but you can use it to ask other members of the community to nominate you, which shows some level of support for your application.

Also please note, that this commission and committee structure is subject to change as required, so please feel free to put yourself forward if there is an area where you think you can add value.