As we set up each of the Commissions, we will be engaging further with the community to gather experts and athletes in the field, and from around the country, to feed in to our planning process. Expect to see a few more of these, and more opportunities to get involved.

First off, is the Youth Commission.

Alf Powell has agreed to facilitate Youth Consultation Panel.

As part of the strategy for the development of junior participation and athlete development, UKOSF has announced that they will be forming their first ‘expert’ panel. This will be facilitated by Alf Powell, one of the UK’s most promising junior athletes. Alf has extensive experience of competing within OCR, nationally and internationally at both age group and Elite levels. He has agreed to work closely under the remit of Youth Commission, Emma Waring (and Deputy when appointed) and between them they will ensure that the voice of the U.K. Junior Athletes is heard.

Emma has said that, “we cannot create pathways, coaching formats and competition structures without listening to our members; those members are the Junior athletes, and this panel will give them the opportunity to contribute to the direction and future of OCR in the U.K.”

Emma and Alf will be contacting all junior teams and teams with junior sections across the U.K. in the next week to ask them to nominate two juniors from their teams to stand as representatives on the panel. If you have any questions regarding this, then please contact Emma Waring in the first instance, or use the contact form.