As a member of the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO or World Obstacle) UKOSF is responsible for selecting the team to represent the UK at the FISO OCR World Championship.

The inaugural FISO OCR World Championships event is due to be confirmed for 2023.

Anticipated event formats include 100M Sprint OCR (10 obstacles), 3K OCR (20+ obstacle) and standard distance 12K+ OCR (40+ obstacles). There will also be a National Team Race. Qualification to the elite or age group competitions must be gained through the UKOSF.

Our intention is to have UK Team Trials for the 100M, 3K and 12K+ distances. The top performing athletes in each trial will be selected for the competition (TBD, but usually top 3). Additional athletes may also be selected by the Athlete Selection Panel in addition to athletes for the National Team Race.

If a UK Team Trial can not be held in any distance all athletes will be selected by the Athlete Selection Panel. You must be a UKOSF Member to compete.