The Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Coach certification is the entry level certification for fitness professionals working with people who wish to participate and compete in obstacle course races. It’s designed by World Obstacle, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO), the international governing body for obstacle sports and related events.

The course aim is to prepare fitness professionals in providing safe and enjoyable OCR training experiences from young people aged 12+ through to adults of any ability.


It is also the first step towards higher level coach certification and is broken down into 3 parts:

  1. There are a number of prerequisites required before achieving the level 2 coach certification that are tracked and managed by the National Federation (UKOSF). Typically, the people attending the course will be qualified level 2 gym/fitness instructors, level 3 personal trainers or higher level qualified fitness professionals. Where someone does NOT have these, the level 2 OCR coach programme integrates into the Active IQ level 2 in Gym Instructing and this can be dual certificated at extra cost via UKOSF and World Obstacle.
  • Level 1 consists of 6 modules covering theoretical principles delivered either via webinar or onsite. The webinar option is typically delivered in 3x 2-hour sessions. The onsite option is typically integrated into the level 2 practical assessment. This level does not certify someone to be a coach and the learner is classed as a ‘coach in training’ after completing level 1. Please refer to the list below for what modules are covered when during our available classes and assessments.
  • Level 2 are the practical applications and assessments from the level 1 theoretical principles. This can be either be run as part of an onsite course, as a separate assessment session, or via video-based assessment.


Please contact us for future training dates.


The current cost of the certification is £75 and you must be a UKOSF member to attend. Note the cost is discounted by 50% for these classes and assessments to enable us to certify as many OCR coaches as possible.

How to book

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