For Immediate Release:

July 12, 2019

LONDONUK Obstacle Sports Federation (UKOSF) is proud to announce that World OCR (aka FISO, Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles) has recognised and affiliated the new OCR Federation in the UK.

UKOSF will be the UK’s official channel for athletes to get involved in EU and World OCR. The UKOSF is an independent, not for profit organisation, focusing on harmonising the industry across the UK and providing a unified structure in line with World OCR guidelines, and promoting the sport at grass roots through to elite level in the UK.

The new Federation has been established to guide and support athletes, coaches, clubs, events and the sport itself. It is clear that OCR in the UK requires representation at the international level and the formation of UKOSF will provide this voice.

“OCR in the UK has a fantastic community, which is actually the second largest in the world!  We want everyone to be involved with UKOSF and are very excited to have this opportunity to support such an amazing group of people.  We’re gathering pace now, and we’re happy to take feedback from all stakeholders and athletes.” Oner Avara, President of UKOSF.

Initial members of the UKOSF team are as follows. 

Board Members

Oner Avara – President

Chris Evans MP – Director

Dr Mike Loosemore MBE – Director

Andrew Moshanov – Vice-President

The Executive Team

Venessa Moffat – CEO

Murray Stewart – Head of Communications

Emma Waring – Youth Commission

Shaun Wilde – Development and Technical Commission

The initial members of the UKOSF look forward to welcoming further members from the OCR community to provide their voice on the additional committees that will be formed.

Official Launch

 The official launch of the UKOSF will be in the form of a Town Hall meeting in London in September, which will be open to all members of the OCR community. Further details will be communicated via the website and social media in due course.



About the UKOSF

 The UK Obstacle Sports Federation (UKOSF) is an independent, national, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation registered in the UK. As a member of the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO or World OCR), the UKOSF complies with all FISO eligibility criteria and will remain a member in good standing as outlined in the FISO Constitution and Bye-Laws. The UKOSF is seeking recognition from UK Sport and will work openly with all stakeholders to promote the sport, a healthy lifestyle, peace and harmony.


The mission of the UKOSF is to support and unite athletes, event providers and OCR clubs, to represent them and serve their needs and to promote sportsmanship.


The purposes for which the UKOSF is established are as follows:

  • to bring the OCR athletes of UK together and encourage them to use their status and experience to promote and develop the ideals of sportsmanship throughout United Kingdom
  • to represent and promote the interests of OCR athletes.
  • to build an active membership dedicated to the mission and purpose of the UKOSF.
  • to operate for charitable and educational purposes in harmony with the fundamental principles set forth in the FISO statutes.



For further information please contact:

Murray Stewart: or Tel: 07557 805505

Venessa Moffat: or Tel: 07834 772877