Here's where you can log questions for the upcoming UKOSF launch meeting.

See you on the 10th Sept!

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The launch event tickets are now available. Limited places: If you find you can't make it, please cancel to free up the ticket. Thanks!


As part of our planning within the development committee we would like to create a comprehensive list of OCR training sites, centres and programmes in the UK so that we can fully engage them in our future development activities.

Please send details to @shaunwilde

Community Consultation Starts with the Youth Commission.

Emma Waring and Alf will be contacting all junior teams and teams with junior sections across the U.K. in the next week.

Please contact Emma for more details.


Opportunity to join UKOSF Commissions / Committees!

Commissions, and open roles at UKOSF are out - we'd love to hear your recommendations, and see your nominations and applications.


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