The 2021 OCR European Championship will be hosted in Italy, June 10th – 13th 2021.

Extraordinary times call for an extraordinary qualification process. We want to give athletes fair opportunity to earn their place on the start line, but the volume of competitive OCR events is expected to be low in the months ahead.

For 2021 there will be four ways to qualify in the UK for the OCR European Championship 2021.

1. OCR European Championship 2020 qualification
The European Obstacle Sports Federation (EOSF) have confirmed that all athletes who qualified for 2020 will have these results accepted for the 2021 OCR European Championship as well.

2. UK OCR Races
The UKOSF is working with events who wish to be considered qualifiers and will announce on our website and social media channels any event that is confirmed. Note that at this time no races are currently included. Government guidelines for operating COVID-secure events make competitive racing difficult. UKOSF will need to take these requirements into account prior to sanctioning a qualifying event.

3. UK OCR Short Course Competition
Through our partnership with training facilities around the UK we have been able to offer members the opportunity to competitively race in a time trial race format. Working closely with each training facility we will now be setting qualifying times for certain locations across each gender with elite and age group times. The competition will also be extended until Sunday, September 20th to give athletes enough time to compete.

Each location will need to have a minimum of 10 participants in a gender for a qualifying time to be set by the UKOSF. Female athletes can qualify via the male qualifying time until a female qualifying time is set. Junior U18 athletes must complete the adult course to qualify based on the times below, and only when safe to do so.

The following locations have qualifying times so far:
• OCR Class | Male | Sub-7.45 (Elite) | Sub-9:30 (Age Group)
• Camelot Events | Male | Sub-4:45 (Elite) | Sub-6:15 (Age Group)
• Fit Body Farm | Female | Sub-18:30 (Elite) | Sub-22:00 (Age Group)
• RAW Fit | Male | Sub-4:45 (Elite) | Sub-6:15 (Age Group)

A maximum number of 50 athletes in each gender can qualify from each location. If the number of qualifying athletes is exceeded, only the top 50 will qualify.

4. Good for Age
We will also be implementing a ‘Good For Age’ application process. We recognise that having a single short course qualifying time for age group qualification will unfairly disadvantage some very good age group athletes. Unfortunately, it is not practical to offer individual age group qualification times. Therefore, in March 2021, after an assessment of qualification opportunities, we will allow athletes who have not already qualified to apply for a small number of additional age group qualification places. Results from the UK OCR Short Course Competition and athlete submitted information will be considered by a selection panel. The full selection process will be published in February 2021.

You will be required to be a UKOSF member.