Here is how you can qualify for the 2023 OCR European Championships in Hungary. We plan to announce more qualification locations in the near future.

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Do you have to qualify to race the championships?

You must qualify to race in the Elite and Age Group divisions of the OCR European Championships. You can qualify via the races listed below in the UK after June 12th 2022.

Where and when is it?

OCREC23 will be hosted in Hungary. The date and specific location are yet to be announced.

Qualify at 2022/23 UK OCR Races

Please note there are currently no qualifiers in 2023 announced.

Race NameDistanceLocationEliteAge Group*
Total Warrior 202212KLeedsTop 5 (Fri Wave1)
Top 10 (Sat  Wave 1)
Top 5 in AG (Fri Wave 1)
Top 10 in AG (Sat Wave 1)
Total Warrior 2022UltraLeedsN/A3 laps (no 50% rule)
Spartan Race 2022SprintNationalTop 10 in Elite wave‡Top 10 in AG (AG wave)
Spartan Race 2022SuperNational Top 10 in Elite wave‡ Top 10 in AG (AG wave)
Spartan Race 2022BeastNational Top 10 in Elite wave‡ Top 10 in AG (AG wave)
Spartan Race 2022UltraNationalTop 10 in Elite wave‡ Top 10 in AG (AG wave)
Beach Ballistic 202216KAberdeenshireTop 3 (Competitive wave)Top 20 overall (Competitive wave)
Beach Ballistic 202232KAberdeenshireWinnerTop 10 overall
Summer Nuts 2022** 7KSurreyTop 3 overallTop 10 in age group
Summer Nuts 2022** 14KSurrey N/A Top 10 in age group
Summer Nuts 2022** 21KSurrey N/ATop 10 in age group
Summer Nuts 2022** 28KSurrey WinnerTop 10 in age group
Summer Nuts 2022
7K lapsSurrey N/A5 laps (no 50% rule)

Unless specified the positions are always gender specific (e.g. Top 3 in gender etc.).

* No more than 50% of an age group/wave at a specific event can qualify for the OCREC (e.g. if an age group/wave has ten competitors, only the top five athletes are deemed qualifiers). In the event of an odd number of finishers, the qualifying criteria is rounded up in favour of the athlete. Please contact us if there is only athlete in an age group.

** Must meet Nuts qualification criteria. See Nuts website for more information.

‡ The 50% rule above applies to elite qualification at Spartan Race for the OCR European Championships. If an athlete cannot qualify for the elite wave due to this rule they may be considered for age group qualification based on their finish time if they would have qualified for age group qualification if they ran that wave.

Adaptive Athletes

There isn’t currently an Adaptive OCR European Championships, but adaptive athletes can compete. There are two ways you can qualify:

  1. Qualify via the listed male and female qualification options on this page.
  2. Contact UKOSF for details on how to qualify as a adaptive athlete outside of meeting this criteria.

Junior Athletes

We do not currently have information on the junior age groups for the OCR European Championships 2023