UKOSF have a number of requirements that all coaches must complete to be able to be certified as UKOSF coaches. Some of these prerequisites have expiry dates assigned to them.

UKOSF Membership

All coaches are required to be UKOSF Members. This is important for the development of the sport and also ensures that all members agree to the UKOSF Code of Conduct.

Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer Qualification

Typically, the coaches will already be qualified level 2 gym/fitness instructors, level 3 personal trainers or higher level qualified fitness professionals. Where someone does NOT have these, the Level 2 OCR coach programme integrates into the Active IQ level 2 in Gym Instructing and this can be dual certificated at extra cost via UKOSF and World Obstacle.


All coaches must be insured either as an individual or via the facility that they coach at.

First aid (CPR/AED)

Unless being supervised by a coach who is first aid training. All coaches must be first aid trained and have a certificate with a defined expiry date. Please contact UKOSF for accepted certificates.

Accepted courses


UKOSF is committed to safeguarding children in sport. From ensuring best practice and recognising poor practice to understanding how to report concerns quickly and effectively, we believe that making obstacle sports fun, enjoyable and safe is everyone’s responsibility. Please contact UKOSF for accepted certificates.

Accepted courses

Criminal Records Check

All coaches must complete a DBS/PVG check every three years.

You can request via:

Disability Awareness

UKOSF is committed to making obstacle sports accessible for all. Disability awareness help you learn about different types of disability, examine social attitudes and barriers towards disabled people and the use of appropriate terminology. It can help make your coaching more inclusive. Please contact UKOSF for accepted certificates.

Accepted courses

Anti-doping training

All coaches at Level 3 and above must also complete anti-doping training. Please contact UKOSF for accepted certificates.

Accepted courses