This page will updated as more information becomes available.  The date and location will be confirmed at the end of October.

The UK OCR championships is where athletes across the country come to compete in a varying distance of race, in age group divisions, elite and journeyman categories.

Qualification to the Elite and Age Group divisions of the 3K & 15K races is required to participate.

More races will be added as agreed with race organisers.

Qualifying Races

Race Series

Zeus Races

Elite 3K & 15K criteria

M/F winner

Age Group 3K &15K criteria

Top 10 in each age group.  If you finish in the top 10 in your age group with your band then you will qualify regardless of the 50% rule.

Juniors 13-17 Auto-qualification with 100% obstacle completion.


 Unless otherwise stated, no more than 50% of an age group or a gender in a division at a specific event can qualify for the UK OCR Championship (e.g. if an age group has only 10 athletes in it, only the top 5 athletes are deemed qualifiers). The calculation is based on the number of starting participants in the race/relevant heat and not the number of athletes who finished the race/heat. In case of an odd number we round up in favour of the athletes.

 Verification of qualification will be undertaken after you have completed the registration process.

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