UPDATE: This event has been cancelled and will no longer take place.

Statement from UKOSF

29th August 2019

As we work hard on preparations for our official launch event on the 10th September 2019, we wanted to provide an update to the OCR community and to our valued stakeholders about the forthcoming UK OCR Championships.

UKOSF are delighted to announce our support for the innovative proposals from Gavin Levitt, David Baird and Matt Evans for a UK OCR Championships event from September 19th – 20th 2020 in the London area.

Next year’s UK Championships will provide a unique format, focusing on bringing the entire community together with an inclusive approach, and will seek input and contributions from all OCR events companies. The categories and event types will be in line with the World Championships including a short course, long course, team and charity courses. Junior competitors will have to complete the same courses as adults although junior groups will be split further:

Short course (3k)

  • 13-14yrs
  • 15-16yrs
  • 17-19yrs

Standard (15k)

  • 13-14yrs
  • 15-17yrs

This will be to make the competition fairer for the younger age groups.  Aside from the extra groupings in the Juniors, the standards and regulations will be in line with World OCR guidelines.

It is intended to move the venue for the UK Championships each year to different regions around the UK to ensure fairness, increase participation and build positive profile for our sport in every UK Country. A bidding process will be developed to ensure that every part of the UK, and all Race Directors have opportunity to bid for the Championships.

President of UKOSF, Oner Avara commented: “We really like this new approach to a UK Championships.  It’s inclusive of all the other events as they will not have to pay to be involved, and this also means that we get a true representation from all the amazing companies in the UK – all coming together to host the best event possible for the athletes. We’re very proud to support the efforts of Gavin, Matt and David have made over the past months, and to continue the format moving forward.”

UKOSF will work in partnership with the 3 Race Directors to promote the event and the sport, to actively gain support from local organisations and MPs. 

We look forward to working in partnership with you all in support of the Championships and to continue to develop and promote OCR in the UK. 

For further information, please contact us.